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The Hyperbolic Hero or Your Perception Truly Informs Your Reality

“Did you see how I saved a life yesterday?”  My student grinned wide with excitement. 

I smiled and remembered what he was referring to.

Another student who was standing within ear-shot jumped in, “You didn’t do anything!  There were two other people there and one was an EMT.”

The day before at a campus event, a student began choking.  One person quickly responded and attempted to clear her throat … only half of the object came up … then the Heimlich maneuver was performed … another person jumped in … then a third person … then our campus emergency medical unit showed up, tended to the student who turned out to be okay. 

What I want to highlight is the fact that three people assisted the choking student but one person walked away convinced he saved a life. 

Is he delusional?  No, I don’t think so; I think he was simply empowered by his perception.

This student took ownership of his part in helping a fellow student.  He owned his experience and didn’t shy away from it.  He owned the part he played in this story and included it in his personal narrative.   He grabbed the experience with two-fists and pulled it close to him, and proudly shouted, “My event, I was a part of this event.” . . . 

The question I have for you is, Do you own your experiences or let them pass you by like a soft whisper?

Life is not made of epic events, though it has its moments, life is also full of small moments.  All too often we wait anxiously for grand, impressive, life changing events and use them as markers.  But we do this at the expense of literally a lifetime of small moments; moments where life really happens. 

It is important that we take time to enjoy every moment.  This begins with us owing every day, every hour, every experience and not take them for granted.  Start today and own every moment of your life.  Grab them with two-fists and shout to yourself, “mine”!

Until next time!

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