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Business Presentation

Executive Coaching

Michael Rodriguez, M.A., Ed.D. is a certified leadership coach dedicated to supporting clients who are aiming for new professional heights. With over a decade of experience Michael is known for his passion for employee development, diversity, equity and inclusion. Michael specializes in helping high-achieving professionals from underrepresented backgrounds become effective and influential leaders within their organizations and beyond.


Michael knows firsthand the many challenges of being “first” in many areas of life. Michael is known as a compassionate, caring and authentic approach. His ability to intuitively connect at a deeper level allows his clients to uncover what’s holding them back in their careers and life, so they can create a path forward and achieve success.


Based out of the New York Metropolitan area, Michael holds a Profesional Certifed Coach, He also holds degrees from a B.A. from College of New Rochelle, a M.A. degree from Long Island University and a Doctor of Education degree from Creighton University.

Grow Your Vision

Clients come to me to address a broad range of issues. They often include the need for greater team alignment, boosting productivity, clarifying vision, reducing turnover and reducing stress. While the specific issues are important, my proprietary process engages you in bold conversations that move you beyond problem-solving mode so you can become the kind of leader you would want to work for.

Working to develop your team doesn’t work if you aren’t developing yourself. To achieve the remarkable, you have to create space for your entire team and organization to evolve. You can’t do it alone. While you set the outcome, we collaborate through the kind of interaction that doesn’t happen anywhere else. Interaction that leads to a whole new level of understanding, where you can have greater impact and measurable results.

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