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What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?
How many times has someone come along to help you and you didn’t recognize it or you were so suspicious, you didn’t act on it? If we are honest, looking in hindsight, probably dozens! Mentoring is a tool that works. Too many people don’t know how to use this tool to its fullest potential. Believing false myths about mentoring stops you from embracing a great mentor even if that mentor is right in front of them!
This book breaks down 6 common myths about mentoring and launches you to your next level with hands on tips to maximize every relationship.
In Mentoring Myths, you will learn:
     -What is mentoring?
       -How to identify the mentor that’s right for you?
       -How mentors unlock your full potential??
       -Who makes a great mentor?
       -How you can create a great mentoring relationship?
Destroy the Mentoring Myths that are holding you back and live your best life. 

Book Reviews

The most black & white conversation about Mentoring I've Read To Date!

Dr. Rod absolutely did a great job writing this concise yet informative piece about mentorship. Mentoring has been talked about a lot as a necessity for personal growth and success but the myths covered in this book dives into the blind spots that determine how to have a mentoring relationship that is highly effective. I recommend this read to anyone who wants to know what mentoring is literally and in between the lines too.             by Geov


Insightful breakdown of mentorship

Mentoring Myths is an insightful read, we often forget that mentors/mentorships are a form of relationships and Dr.Rod reveals misconceptions that often block these relationships. Challenges you to reflect on your relationships and concepts of what it is to be and/or have a mentor.  The book is written in a conversational way, that’s becomes a great read, almost reminds me of The Alchemist. Had to pass the book along to my younger brothers.                                                              by D. Melendez

Great Read!

This book lays out the importance of mentoring in a way that makes the reader feel empowered to take action. You will be inspired and motivated after reading this book. The author is able to connect with the reader in a way that draws you in to what he is saying. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.                                                            by Bernard R. 

Leaves you motivated to maximize your relationships!

As a 25 year old, with many positive influences in my life, I've never directly asked someone to be my mentor. I've always felt they would feel I'm trying to "pick their brain" for free and would be turned down. I had a call with an industry leader, who I wanted to be my mentor, but I remember be overwhelmed and not knowing what to say. When would we ever be able to meet in person, what's too invasive, how direct can I be, why would this "stranger" want to talk to me, help me? After reading his book, I not only understand how I can ensure the relationship is a "two-way street," but have tangible questions I can ask in our future interactions (that I see don't have to be face-to-face!). I finished the book in one day, feeling excited and motivated to intentionally develop a few mentoring relationships by the end of the year. Thanks, Dr. Rod.

                                                                                                  by Amber H.


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