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Put Down The Opportunity and Back Away!

I love action shows. It can be a movie, television show, mini-series or even a documentary. If there is action; I’m enthralled. Be it Bond or Bourne, I am hooked on the excitement of watching the ‘hero’ perform a seemingly impossible task. 

The best heroes, to me, are those who use their mental acuity to save the day.

Think MacGyver and his trusty paperclip. 

A ticking bomb ….. Omg, a shortage of materials to work with …a race against time begins… a pounding heartbeat …a sweaty hand … and …at …the … last … second ………. diffused!

We survive for one more episode. 

For MacGyver and other heroes, it’s all about the decision-making process; making the right decision at the right time. Heroes, like all of us, are faced with opportunities every moment of the day. Most of the decision we make on a daily basis we don’t even think about; we just do them.

Do we go left or right to get to my destination? Should I take the stairs or the elevator? A small coffee or a large?

But, in truth, some decisions either take you closer to an opportunity or further from an opportunity.

As an educator, I often find myself advising students on the importance of opportunities. I tell them that the complexity with opportunity is making sure a good one doesn’t pass you by, but more importantly, determine that the “good” opportunity standing before you, is good for you.

A law student doesn’t need an internship as a graphic designer. An accounting major doesn’t need four years of retail experience to be a good accountant. A physics student doesn’t need to do a service-learning project at an urban farm to be a great physicist. 

Now, on their own, each opportunity is a great opportunity … for someone … but perhaps not for you. The question one must ask themselves is not, Is this a good opportunity? But rather, is it good for me?

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