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We all have an innate desire to be successful. Yet, paralysis occurs when we don’t know how to achieve the success for which we long. The truth is––it’s hard to be what you have never seen. That is why representation matters. And what better way to show the next generation what great things men of color are doing than to write about it.


Suited for Success, Vol. 2: 25 Inspirational Stories on Getting Prepared for Your Journey to Success is overflowing with wisdom from visionary author, PK Kersey, Dr. Michael Rodriguez and 24 other bold men who have discovered their paths to success and are blazing a trail for those who dare to follow. The inspirational stories within the pages of this book will challenge you to walk in your own greatness.


This empowering anthology highlights men of color who have fought through challenges, stood on faith, and would not quit

Book Reviews

Very Inspiring Read

I read this because a friend was published in it. I’m not sure I was truly ready for all the greatness within this book. The stories inspired me to be my best, show up my best, and bring out the best in others. It reminded me of the important event of and power within sharing our stories. Each story provided a glimpse into someone else’s life and invited me into their journey. It was a beautiful read and showed the power of human resilience and determination. -                                                                                                                                                               by Shell Vera

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